Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Ozone Therapy Room Requirements

A: General Requirements for Treatment Rooms
Requirements for room interior decoration:
  1. The room area should be not less than 12 sq.
  2. The room interior decoration should be made in accordance with the intended function.
  3. The walls should be covered with glazed tile or other waterproof materials at a full height.
  4. The floors should be covered with waterproof materials; linoleum surfaces must not have any defects (cracks, holes etc), must be smooth, tight-fitted to the base.
  5. The ceilings should be covered with waterproof oil or other colors.
  6. It is recommended to have 2 sinks (hand basin and instrument basin).
    Sanitary-hygienic requirements for airing system:
    1. The airing system should exclude a possibility of infection transmission from wards and other rooms to a treatment room.
    2. The treatment room should be equipped with plenum-exhaust ventilation.
    3. The air delivered by the airing system from outside should undergo purification by means of bactericidal filters.
    4. Prophylactic examination and check-up of the airing and air-conditioning systems should be performed at least twice a year.
    B: Special Requirements for Treatment Rooms intended for ozone therapy
    Described in the instruction manual for the unit and accessories. For medical ozone generators of Medozons series the special requirements are the following:
    B-1. Oxygen Supply
    Oxygen is supplied from the central oxygen network, oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator. The generation of medical ozone requires the use of medical oxygen referred to oxygen gas with guaranteed purity of 99,9% and higher.

    If oxygen is released from oxygen tanks:
    • The oxygen equipment used (tank, oxygen pressure reducer, manometers and pneumatic hoses) should be in operating condition;
    • The monitoring and measuring devices used should be previously tested and have an appropriate certificate;
    • The tanks filled with oxygen should be stored in appropriate conditions (in special boxes equipped with attachments for oxygen tank fixation, the oxygen tank in use should be located in a fixed vertical position).

    The oxygen tanks should be located away from any sources of heat at a distance of at least 1 m, open flames - 5 m. The protection plugs should be removed from oxygen tanks immediately before use. During operation the safety requirements set for use of pressurized vessels should be fulfilled
    B-2. Power Supply
    The safety requirements set for use of electrically operated devices should be fulfilled. The respective place should be equipped with a mains socket connected to earth.
    B-3. Requirements for MAC
    Ozone is a toxic gas with pungent irritating smell, and the outlet of ozone machine for removal of residual ozone should be connected with a destructor via pneumatic hose. Maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of ozone in work area must not exceed 0,1 mg/m3. If MAC is exceeded, further operation of ozone machine is forbidden. If necessary, ozone amount in room air can be continually controlled by means of special ozone gas analyzer.
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