Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Accessory Set for Ozonization of Water, Solutions, Oils

Order-No. 40\01
Designed for saturation of water, solutions, oils with ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in standard glass or plastic bottles with a screwlid (for example, Coca-Cola or mineral water plastic bottles).
  • Ozone-resistant plastic screwlid (1) with jets (2, 3);
  • Diffuser (4) made of ozone-resistant quartz glass with grain size No. 12 or No. 18;
  • Ozone-resistant PVC tube (5) connected with diffuser by means of thermomethod;
  • Flexible connectors (6) for connecting the attachment to ozone generator and destructor.
The construction of diffusers ensures efficient ozonization of any liquids as well as individual determination of volume of ozonized water and dose of dissolved ozone.
Assembly of the Attachment
Before the treatment, the PVC tube with a diffuser of required grain size (No. 18 for oil, No. 12 for water and solutions) should be put on the inner jet of the screwlid so that the diffuser will be located in the middle of the attachment.
Then the attachment should be screwed on the container with liquid to be ozonized.
The diffuser location at the bottom and in the middle of the container ensures optimal mixing of liquid ozonized that accelerates the ozonization process.
Supply Set
This Accessory Set comes within the Basic Accessory Package 00\AP-01 enclosed to each medical ozone generator of Medozons series.
Medical Applications of Ozonated Water
For ozonization it is recommended to use distilled or bidistilled water. Water of bad quality reduces the required ozone concentration, accelerates decomposition of ozone.

The speed of ozone decomposition depends on the hydrogen index of solution as in acid media the ozone/oxygen gas mixture is more stable, but in alkaline media decomposition of ozone occurs extremely quickly. The half-time of ozonated distilled water at t = 20oC and pH = 7 is 25-30 min and depends on water temperature. At the lower temperature the dissolved ozone is kept in water for the longer time. For ozonization of water use ozone concentrations from 2500 to 10000 mcg/L. Ozonization time of 1 L of water is 20 min. Flow-rate of ozone/oxygen gas mixture is 1 L/min. A longer time of ozonization doesn't cause any increase in the amount of dissolved ozone. For ozonization of water use a glass or plastic container with sealing screw cap fitted with special diffuser for delivery of ozone/oxygen gas mixture. The other jet of the screw cap is intended for removal of residual ozone to a destructor.
Ozonated water is widely used in the medicine. In gastroenterology it is indicated per os for gastritis, esophagitis, ulcer disease, chronic cholecystitis. For colitis, proctitis, anal fistula and, primarily, after operations on the anus it is recommended to use enemas and rectal irrigations with ozonated water.

Fresh prepared water (or physiological saline solution) with great amount of active oxygen is a high-effective disinfectant for rinsing of urethra, bladder, abdomen as well as for vaginal spraying. In the practice of ENT diseases it is used for throat gargling, rinsing of paranasal sinuses and for inhalations. Ozonated water is widely used in stomatology: in stomatitis, paradontosis, after tooth extraction, for treatment of infected wounds of soft tissues, for general disinfection of oral cavity before surgical procedure.

As the half-life of ozone in distilled water at room temperature is approx. 30 minutes, we recommend using ozonated water immediately after its production. Fresh prepared ozonated distilled water can be stored in a fridge for approx. 1 hour.
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