Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Basics of Ozone Therapy

Dear Colleagues!
We are pleased to present you ozone therapy as a modern high-effective medical technology of using medical ozone for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
Having been known in the West for over 100 years, ozone therapy has become of age in Russia thanks to fundamental and applied studies started in Russia about 40 years ago and unique technical inventions made by the physicists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center last decade of the 20th century.
1. Major Autohaemotherapy (AHT) with ozone.
One of the most effective methods of systemic action. During this procedure a certain volume of the patient's whole blood is withdrawn from the cubital vein by means of a disposable infusion set, enriched with an ozone/oxygen gas mixture (O2/O3) in a plastic container called Haemokon (the O2/O3 is introduced into the container before withdrawal of blood) or in a sterile glass bottle after isotonic NaCl solution (in this case the O2/O3 is introduced into the bottle after withdrawal of blood).
The bottle contains 100 ml of remained NaCl solution mixed with heparin. The treated blood containing active forms of oxygen (ozonides) is reinfused to the patient through the same infusion set.

The picture below demonstrates the variant of this procedure with a Haemokon and a 3- or 4-way-faucet.
After over 30 years' experience of Russian ozone doctors and scientists, benefits of Russian approach of ozone therapy can be summarized as follows:
  • Ozone therapy has a 100% clinical efficiency in treating bacterially and virally produced diseases thanks to its strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties; diseases associated with hypoxia symptoms thanks to its beneficial effect on the transport and release of oxygen through the tissues and oxygen-dependent processes; circulatory disorders thanks to its stimulating effect on blood circulation; inflammatory processes thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect; immunodeficient conditions thanks to its immunostimulating and immunomodulating effect; badly healing wounds due to its rapid and effective wound healing properties etc.
  • Ozone therapy represents a genuine alternative to orthodox medicine, particular in medical conditions where orthodox medicine does not offer an effective treatment, for example when the microflora is resistant to available antibiotics.

  • Ozone therapy is able to increase the sensitivity of the organism's microflora to antibiotics and potentiate the effect of traditional medicines when used as a complementary method of treatment.
For today the Russian technology of ozone therapy has been completely developed differing from the Western one. Its main features are the wide use of physiological sodium chloride solution as a carrier of ozone and the use of considerably more low ozone concentrations and dosages.
The tendency of Russian ozone doctors to use the possibly lowest range of therapeutically active ozone concentrations follows the most important principle of medicine - "not to harm". According to Prof. Peretyagin (President of the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy) "...
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