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We are Your Guide in the field of Ozone Therapy as a modern high-effective Medical Technology of using Medical Ozone for Therapeutic and Preventive Purposes


Ozone Therapy that has been actively developing over the last 15 years remains the priority of scientific investigations in many research centers and has deserved to be called as Medicine of 21st Century.

Ozone Therapy that as a non-drug method of treatment has been known in the West for over 100 years has experienced the so-called rebirth in Russia thanks to fundamental and applied studies being conducted in Russia for over 30 years and unique technical inventions made by the physicists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in the 1990s.

Our many-years experience allows us making a conclusion that Ozone Therapy is characterized by simplicity of application, good tolerance by patients, almost full absence of side-effects or adverse reactions and high medical-social and economic efficiency.

Ozone Therapy has a wide range of action, produces a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, immunomodulating, antihypoxic, detoxication effect, is good tolerated by patients and has almost no side-effects. The use of Medical Ozone reduces treatment time, lethality and grade of disability.

The main centers for Ozone Therapy development in Russia are medical institutions located in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. In Russia there was founded and has been acting the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy that held 8 scientific-practical conferences with international participation since 1992.


We are Your Partner for Medical Ozone Generators, Equipment and Accessories for Ozone Therapy


We design and manufacture Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series as well as customize them with an extremely wide range of ozone-resistant accessories for modern high-effective technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone Prophylaxis.

Following the 100-years experience in the field of Ozone Therapy, we have based development of our products on the advanced scientific-medical achievements of the Russian School of Ozone Therapy. Technical solutions to our products were made by the leading physicists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center.

Unfortunately, world-wide spreading of Medical Ozone applications has been inhibited by insufficient or misleading information on this subject.

Having created our website we intend to establish communication with everyone interested in this subject and hope to succeed in our efforts to support the use of Ozone Therapy worldwide!


Sincerely yours,

The Medozons team