Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Complex for Biochemiluminescence Analysis BChL-07

Express-Control of Safety & Efficiency of Ozone Therapy with assistance of Program-Methodical Complex for Biochemiluminescence Analysis BChL-07
One of the most important parameters for efficiency of ozone characterized by prooxidant properties is the level of chemiluminescence (ChL) allowing assessing intensity of lipid peroxidation (LP) and activity of antioxidant system in samples of blood, urine, saliva.

The Biochemiluminometer BChL-07 is an appliance intended for analysis of kinetic curves of bio- and chemiluminescence: determination of ATP, FMN, NAD-H - dependent dehydrogenases (bioluminescence) and free-radical processes, lipid peroxidation (chemiluminescence).

The functional principle is based on detection of light radiation (biochemiluminescence) accompanying free-radical and enzymatic processes in living organisms.
The BChL-07 is to be connected with external PC, while the function of biochemiluminometer is emission of light signal, and the software is responsible for processing of received data, monitoring of process kinetics, calculation of signal parameters, documentation of experimental data, storage of data bank.

The software is able to measure and interpret 10 parameters of biochemiluminescence - light sum, maximum intensity, kinetic constants of light reaction…

The methodical complex is intended for analysis of free-radical processes in blood, urine, saliva (lipid peroxidation, phagocytosis). The adapted methods require common inexpensive reagents and qualification of laboratory technician.
The complex BChL-07 includes:
  • Biochemiluminometer BChL-07;
  • PC (on request);
  • Software;
  • Methodical complex.
Main technical data:
  • Dimensions, mm, max. 180 x 380 x 450;
  • Weight net, kg, max. 8,0;
  • Cuvette rotation, cycle/min 300-600;
  • Measuring cuvette heating, degree Celsius 37 ± 1;
  • Biochemiluminometer sensitivity according to luminescence standard PO-2, quant/sec/mV, max. 5 x 104 Cylinder cuvette volume, mL 2 ± 0,5 .
The appliance is recommended for use on the basis of research institutes, clinics, hospitals and another medical establishments for express-control of safety and efficiency of ozone therapy (substantiated and weighed-up choice of individual ozone dosages), laser therapy, treatment with antioxidants (control over the level of free radicals within lipid peroxidation, phagocytic process, reactions with oxygen radicals, oxidoreduction enzymatic reactions).

Brief description of analysis of antioxidant activity in blood plasma by means of induced chemiluminescence with assistance of biochemiluminometer BChL-07.
Oxygen-dependent processes form a vital basis for all cells by defying intensity of accumulation and energy transformation reactions, lipid peroxidation. Any disturbance of lipid peroxidation in different pathological conditions is considered the main metabolic syndrome resulted in formation of numerous morphofunctional modifications. As a rule, an initial stage of any disease is already characterized by sharp activation of lipid peroxidation with follow-up inhibition of antioxidant activity (AOA) of plasma. Analysis of AOA makes possible to control severity grade of the patient's state and prescribe antioxidant therapy with drugs as well as by means of oxidative methods such as ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygenation, sodium hypochlorite and ultraviolet blood irradiation.
The known spectrophotometry methods for analysis of plasma AOA have some disadvantages, one of which is a lengthy preliminary preparation of samples for analysis, a need for expensive equipment and reagents. The most simple and objective method is the express-analysis of AOA based on the method of registration of induced chemiluminescence with assistance of biochemiluminometer.

This method allows assessing the total capacity of antioxidant system of blood plasma, urine, saliva characterized by many serum proteins (albumin, ceruloplasmin, haptoglobin etc), middle-molecular peptides, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and therapeutic compounds.
Description of this method
The method of chemiluminescence (ChL) induced by hydrogen peroxides and ferric sulfate is based on the catalytic decomposition of peroxides by metallic ions of alternating valency. The resulted free radicals act as initiators of free-radical oxidation (FRO).

As a result of recombination of peroxide radicals it comes to formation of molecular products and emission of light quantum which defines the registered ChL.

The process of FRO induces a flash of ChL intensity which within 30-60 sec goes out under the influence of antioxidants available in sample. The intensity of ChL process is influenced by the complex of compounds producing both an oxidant and prooxidant effect. So the method gives an opportunity to assess the level of compensative mechanisms of FRO process.

The typical kinetics of such a chemiluminescence signal is demonstrated on the picture below. For assessment of FRO in sample the most relevant parameters are given below.

They reflect the potential ability of biological object towards lipid peroxidation, remission rate of FRO processes and characterize the capacity of antioxidant system.

In biochemiluminometer BChL-07 the given parameters are calculated automatically. I max - maximum intensity during the experiment, mV; S - area covered by intensity curve or total light sum; Z = S/I max normalized light sum; a = S/I max rt - relative light sum; tg2 - tangent of maximum slope angle of curve towards time axis; Dec - descent rate of curve to be calculated as parameter k for exponent (e k t).
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