Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Side Effects, Adverse Reactions etc.

Numerous clinical investigations have confirmed that ozone therapy if properly indicated, dosed, performed etc. is well-tolerated by patients and very seldom can cause any side effects without inducing any adverse reactions in the human body. During and after the procedure the patients can complain about weakness, slight dizziness, sleepiness that last for a short time. Possible are allergic skin reactions (like nettle rash) to local applications of ozone (very seldom).

The reason for extraordinary reactions to ozone therapy is considered a misbalance between the intensity in the formation of active oxygen forms and the activity of the organism's antioxidant defense system. The therapeutic doses of medical ozone act like "stress-stimulators" on the defense system enzymes, so, to prevent exhaustion of endogenic antioxidants it is necessary to start a treatment with small doses of ozone by gradually increasing them up to required values. At the same time (or if possible a few days before ozone therapy) it is advisable to give the patients natural or synthetic antioxidants. For individual adjustment of ozone dosage it is recommended to use the biochemiluminescence method (for more details please see Complex for Biochem. Analysis BChL-07)

According to available statistic data, in the past (Oepen, 1985) the frequency of side effects was 1:1000 - 1:2000. They were related to improper technique of administration - intra-arterial and intravenous injections of ozone/oxygen gas mixture that led to gas embolism. Nowadays, such procedures are practically not used any more.
Through ozone therapy after first procedures in some patients it can come to an increase in leucocytes in peripheral blood and at the same time a decrease in thrombocytes. These changes have a transient character and do not need any additional correction.

Ozone therapy has many methods that allow optimizing the treatment and use it as a monotherapy. But in most of cases ozone therapy is used in a complex with other methods, particularly within a chronic, permanent course of disease as well as in situations when stimulation of sanogenesis mechanisms is required.

Ozone can be used in a complex with different therapeutic agents to potentiate their effect as well as with physiotherapy, nutritional additions. On this way efficiency of treatment is increased, and possibility of side effects is reduced to minimum.

It is important to mention that ozone therapy increases sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics. Ozone is able to intensify the effect of hypotensive, analgesic, sedative, homeopathic remedies that allows reducing their dosage. On the other hand, if ozone is used in combination with hormone therapy, it is necessary to increase the dose of ozone to receive a good therapeutic effect.
By using ozone the following points should be taken into consideration:
  • an ozone/oxygen gas mixture should be never introduced through the airways. Owing to the toxic influence of ozone on the respiratory epithelium it is important to prevent leakage of ozone into work room air. Maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of ozone in work room within 8 hours of working day is 0,2 mg/m3.
  • do not use ozone along with ether and its derivates;
  • do not add any other medicinal agents into the bottle with ozonated solutions of crystalloids;
  • ozonation of antiseptics leads to a lost of their antibacterial properties due to structural changes of molecules;
  • at the beginning of treatment it is necessary to perform a trial procedure with ozone in order to observe the patient's state.
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