Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Ozone Therapy in the Cosmetology

The progress of today medical science is oriented to development of new technologies allowing not only highly effective treating diseases, but also preventing them, increasing the vital potential of the organism.

One of such progressive approaches is ozone therapy.
It has a wide range of action in surgery, dermatology, urology, internal medicine. It would be strange if ozone would not be put into use in cosmetology - one of the most progressive fields of its application. Regarding methods of treatment with ozone a particular attention is paid to improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, energy supply of cells, proper trophism and protection of skin. Many cosmetic problems - acne, teleangiectatic rosacea, outflowing of the hair, wrinkles, allergy, cellulitis, fatness - are reflecting the internal state of the organism, therefore they should be treated not only from the outside, but also inside. And this task can be successfully done by ozone producing a detoxification, antimicrobial, antiviral effect and increasing the organism's immunity.
Ozone is a unique agent preserving and restoring the natural beauty and health of skin. Ozone therapy does not mask defects of skin, but normalizes its natural functions and stimulates its own work.

The mechanism of action of ozone can be demonstrated on the example of its use within a complex program for skin rejuvenescence.

Aging at the level of epidermis is induced by inhibition of proliferous cell division, exhaustion of epidermis, increase in keratin layer, decrease in elasticity and increase in residual epidermis deformation ("crow's-foot"), formation of deeper wrinkles.

Skin functions properly and looks young only in case of proper trophism and division of epidermis cells. The natural mechanism of cell trophism is realized by means of tissue liquid, lymph and blood plasma.

The functional efficiency of this network and quality of epidermis trophism are considerably decreased under the influence of negative factors of environment Aging at the level of dermis is induced by changes in the structure of collagenous and elastic fibers.

On exposure of collagen to free radicals it comes to "together-sewing" of collagen, therefore collagenase enzyme responsible for collagen degradation in normal conditions is not able to realize its function. It comes to accumulation of pathologically modified collagenous fibers, a decrease in their water-retaining ability and in the total level of water in dermis. It comes to a functional disturbance of hyaluronidase, the specific enzyme producing an effect on hyaluronic acid and defining skin penetrance.

Owing to aging it comes to a decrease in the activity of some key enzymes of respiratory chain and intensity of cytochromoxidase synthesis that leads to energy deficiency in cells. It comes to inhibition of epidermis cell regeneration, exhaustion and fragmentation of elastin fibers, and a result of all these pathological processes is formation of wrinkles.

Skin aging can be inhibited, and skin structure can be restored through neutralization of the above-mentioned pathological processes thereby eliminating the reason, but not only the consequence - formation of wrinkles. Exactly this is the target of ozone therapy. Ozone is a substance created by the nature, produces a complex, integral effect on the human body. For treatment of "problem" skin and wrinkles it is recommended to use the methods of local and systemic ozone therapy: by local route - subcutaneous ozone injections and ozonized olive oil in the form of face packs and for massage; by systemic route - intravenous drop-by-drop infusions (drips) of ozonated solutions, major and minor autohaemotherapy with ozone, rectal ozone insufflations. The approach to treatment and choice of methods are strictly individual for each patient.

Ozone introduced subcutaneously activates metabolic processes in macroergic cells, normalizes active membrane transport (K-Na pump), penetrance, deformability, viscosity and electric properties of membranes.
At the same time, it comes to an increase in the intensity of energy processes: on the one hand, through the increased utilization of oxygen by cells owing to activation of aerobic glycolysis, Krebs' cycle, B-oxidation of fatty acids, and on the other hand - through optimization of the oxygen-transport function of blood (at presence of ozone the erythrocytes are able to bond and transfer 10 times more oxygen and more easier release it to tissues). Besides, it comes to stopping of "oxidative stress", activation of the antioxidant defense system and neutralization of the destroying effect of free radicals. It comes to stimulation of protein synthesis including its own collagen and elastin, an increase in the regenerative potential of proliferative skin layer. It comes to an increase in tissue liquid volume in deep layers and restoration of the natural skin ability to retain water, and as a result, it comes to ironing and disappearance of "crow's-foot", deeper wrinkles, and the rejuvenescence effect is well manifested.

The essential difference of ozone therapy from other cosmetic remedies and procedures is its dual action from the outside and inside of the organism that leads to normalization of trophism, oxygenation, moistening, protection and exchange restoration of skin. It helps to achieve general cleaning, sanation and tonization, but not only a temporary cosmetic effect.

Thus, ozone therapy is a revolutionary remedy for rejuvenescence allowing to restore the barrier, immune, water-retaining, reparative and separative functions of skin as well as to improve its structure.

Especially noticeable and fast results through ozone therapy are observed in patients with diagnosis "skin stress".

The most frequent method of administration of ozone for rejuvenescence is by intravenous drop-by-drop route and in the form of ozone bath "torso". This is convenient as during the ozonization the cosmetologist can perform other procedures on face, neck, decollete that saves the patient's time.

For the organism's cleaning, elimination of roughages and toxins including stress toxins producing a negative effect on skin the complex treatment of skin fading contains global intestinal cleaning. On completing this procedure it is recommended to perform rectal ozone insufflation thereby creating beneficial conditions for regeneration of "healthy" intestinal flora and producing a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

For correction of available signs of skin fading after 35 years of great benefit can be the rejuvenescence courses of ozone therapy in the form of subcutaneous injections at the places of wrinkle localization and other places with manifested skin fading (chin, cheeks, neck). After the procedure it is recommended to perform manual massage - plastithermic or cosmetic for equal distribution of ozone-oxygen gas mixture.

The well-manifested effect is observed already after 3-4 procedures: ironing of fine wrinkles, an increase in skin turgor, a decrease in face pastosity, improvement of face color, appearance of glow. The patients report about a decrease in skin dryness, disappearance of skin constriction sensation even after washing. Both the patients and doctors notice a lifting effect in submaxillary and cheen-chin areas. And what is very important is improvement of general feeling.
Acne disease. Ozone therapy is used in the form of local ozone injections onto inflammatory areas (infiltrates, pustular elements). In some cases it is recommended to perform primary focal sanation by method of electrocoagulation, opening and elimination of purulent content, and then ozone therapy. The depth and number of injections under one focus depends on the size of inflammatory element. Up to 5 ml of ozone-oxygen gas mixture is injected into each point.

On average one treatment course consists of 5-6 procedures at an interval of 5 days. All patients show clinical improvement already after one procedure. This manifests in infiltrate softening, a decrease in swelling, exudation, hyperemia, painfulness. Treatment time is reduced by 2-3 times as compared with traditional methods.

Any complications and side effects are not observed.
In case of torpid course of acne disease, diffused process the most effective method is autohaemotherapy with ozone considerably increasing the immunity and producing an antibacterial effect.

Ozone is also an integral part of postoperative rehabilitation for prevention of complications. Ozone helps to intensify lymphodrainage, restore microcirculation, improve tissue trophism, stimulate metabolic processes.

The effect is noticeable already after one-two procedures: a decrease in edema, tissue thickening and painfulness. After 4-5 procedures it comes to restoration of skin sensitivity, a decrease in hyperemia and disappearance of constriction sensation in the area of postoperative sutures. More comfortable sensations of the patient have a positive influence on his evaluation of results of the performed operation.
After the wide practical introduction of such methods as middle and deep chemical peelings, laser and mechanical skin grinding, injection contour plasty we are facing a serious problem - hypertrophic scars. Ozone gas injections around the scar induce disappearance of skin constriction sensation, paling and softening of scars and their further resorption. As a result, it comes to significant ironing of scar surface, restoration of tissue elasticity.

Obviously, ozone therapy in the form of injections allows solving many serious problems arising in the practice of a dermatocosmetologist. Of great importance is the fact that the result of similar procedures is not only solution of aesthetic problems being a reason for a visit to doctor, but also improvement in general feeling of patients through the many-sided non-specific effect of ozone on tissues and the organism as a whole.
Ozone Therapy Within a Complex Treatment of Cellulites and Figure Modeling
Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy or cellulitis is an exclusively female problem and represents a pathological state of fat cells (adipocytes). Among the reasons and risk factors inducing a change of fatty tissue are numbered genetic, family, national features, pubescence period, pregnancy and delivery, hormonal disturbances and intake of contraceptive preparations, age and life way.

According to various sources, 80% to 95% of women are suffering from cellulitis. The affected areas are thighs and buttocks, more rarely - back and arms.

The initial stage of cellulitis is characterized by microcirculatory disorder, swelling, stagnation of liquid in subcutaneous tissue. So, it comes to edematous form of cellulitis that in case of further progression is transformed to fibrosclerotic form.

Fatty tissue fulfills a function of energy depot in the organism. Each fat cell is closely surrounded by capillary network, therefore it is in continuous and close contact with blood. In healthy fatty tissues the adipocytes receive a sufficient quantity of oxygen and nutritious substances, and products of cell activity are removed via cell membrane and taken away by blood flow.
A disturbance of this mechanism leads to development of local hypoxia, toxicosis and acidosis and in further to cellulitis. In conditions of oxygen deficit in acidic environment it comes to active growth of connective tissue that surrounds fat cells by membrane and forms cellulitis small knots (micronodules).

Fat cells degenerate, make groups and form in connective tissue thick conglomerates (macronodules) that block circulation and lymphatic flow, it comes to calcination of fat cells. Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy is characterized by development of microangiopathies and disturbances of lymphatic structure manifested as lymphangiectasia and lymph edema. On the initial stage of cellulitis a cosmetic effect in skin is manifested in the form of insignificant hilliness, the so-called "orange peel" that in case of further progression is transformed to "grape bunches".

Thus, the main mechanism of cellulitis development is microcirculatory disorder that leads to edema, which in turn aggravates hemodynamics closing circulus vitiosus.
Cellulites treatment should be focused:
  • Firstly, on removal of disease reason;
  • Secondly, on correction of pathogenetic mechanisms of disease development;
  • Thirdly, on liquidation of its appearances and consequences.
All these tasks can be successfully fulfilled by ozone.
It is mostly rational to start cellulitis treatment on early stages when it only represents an aesthetic problem. In this case ozone can be used as a monotherapy, and it takes a few procedures in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections to achieve a good cosmetic effect.

The program of cellulitis therapy combines local ozone therapy (subcutaneous ozone injections, massage and wrapping on ozonized olive oil) and systemic ozone therapy (intravenous infusion of ozonated solutions, patent's autoblood) that provides a more noticeable and stable result. The parenteral methods restore hormonal background, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, quickly remove consequences of stress and chronic tiredness, balance the processes of excitation and inhibition of nervous system, increase oxygen supply of the whole organism.

Treatment variants should be determined individually depending on the stage and form of cellulitis, volume of affected surface, age, associated pathology, individual features of the organism (pain sensitivity etc.).
The usual course of therapy includes a certain number of sessions (from 10 to 20) with a frequency 1-3 times a week. Gas is introduced subcutaneously by means of special microneedles with length of 4 or 13 mm. Positive results of treatment are observed already after 3-5 sessions and well manifested, the patients start to notice lightness in the lower limbs and a decrease in pastosity and edema. On the next stage it comes to reduction or complete disappearance of "orange peel", a decrease in volumes of subcutaneous tissue.

Through ozone therapy it comes to a fast-progressive decrease in fat layers, fatty tissue becomes more thick and compact. Good results can also be achieved in the formation of body contours (non-surgical modeling of figure - non-surgical liposuction): correction of double chin, face oval, forms of breast, thighs and buttocks.

Ozone facilitates fast elimination of fat from stomach, particularly from its lower part that undergoes a little change through traditional methods of correction and practically no change through diet therapy and general slimming.
The essential difference of ozone therapy from other forms of lipolysis (mechanical, electric, ultrasound, chemical) is that ozonolipolysis or ozonolysis (destruction of fatty tissue by ozone) combines both a local and systemic detoxification effect, intensifies fat splitting and utilization. It comes to stimulation of cellular processes, an increase in the oxygen-transport function of blood and accordingly the oxidoreduction potential of the organism.

Ozone introduced by parenteral route does not only activate lipid exchange, but also initiates the mechanism of natural processing of the organism own energy resources i.e. fat. Ozone stimulates B-oxidation of fatty acids, energy production and activity of the hepatocytes focused on processing of lipid fractions; on this way liver is not affected. Under the action of ozone in the hepatocytes it comes to activation of structural-functional mechanisms of transformation of fat energy substrates to carbohydrate ones. Ozonization induces production of catalase and peroxides involved in the catabolism of fatty acids and synthesis of glycogen and glucose from products of this catabolism i.e. ozone performs the antioxidant and detoxification functions.

The anti-cellulite effect and slimming are realized on a background of tonus restoration, strengthening and tonization of all tissues exposed to ozone therapy. Skin is not hanging like after usual slimming and other methods of cellulite treatment, on the contrary - it becomes more elastic, its appearance improves. It comes to normalization of connective tissue structure as ozone has a fibrinolytic effect, a decrease in the level of hypertrophic adipocytes and metabolism restoration in subcutaneous tissue.
As a rule, cellulitis is not an independent pathology, but manifests on a background of the main disease owing to the organism's intoxication. Therefore, without removing a reason it is impossible to cure a consequence.

Ozone producing a complex effect on the organism acts on the molecular, cellular, systemic levels and treats both actual diseases and their consequence i.e. cellulitis. Ozone therapy provides remission for half to one year, but not only 1-2 months like traditional treatment. So, ozone is used to treat cellulitis, but not only to achieve a temporary cosmetic effect.
Based on the results of numerous clinical investigations it can be claimed that for today ozone therapy is one of the most effective methods for prevention and treatment of cellulitis. Within a short time (less than 1,5 months) one specialist performs more than 300 procedures that allows completely covering the costs of ozone device therapy MEDOZONS-BM-02 and accessories. The gathered experience allows making a conclusion that ozone therapy is characterized by simplicity of application, good tolerance by patients, practically complete absence of side-effects, high efficiency and reasonable prices for appropriate equipment. This is a very profitable method of treatment.
Thus, ozone therapy in conditions of cosmetic salon allows:
  • To widen the spectrum of medical services;
  • To increase the salon image;
  • To attract new patients, increase their flow;
  • To reduce treatment time;
  • To improve efficiency of cosmetic procedures;
  • To achieve a stable positive result;
  • To increase the salon income.
(I.Ju. Goltseva, Salon of Medical Cosmetolgy "Something different", Nizhny Novgorod, April, 2004)
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