Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Accessories for Ozone Therapy

Each model of Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series comes complete with necessary accessories for the most popular methods of ozone therapy as recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy.
All accessories of Medozons series are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and absolute safety of ozone treatments. We use only ozone-resistant materials (PVC, fluoride plastic, PTFE, viton, quartz glass) to produce components which are directly exposed to ozone.
Ozone-oxygen gas irrigation by means of chambers is one of the most popular methods of external ozone therapy widely used in surgery, combustiology, dermatology, cosmetology, resort treatment, physical therapy.
The frequent use of this method is explained by high efficiency of gaseous ozone in the treatment of infected wounds, burns, dermatomycosis, moist eczema, trophic ulcer, arterial and venous diseases, decubitis, badly healing wounds, arthrous affections (arthritis, arthrosis), affections of the limbs associated with systemic diseases (rheumatism, uratosis).
This attachment is used for treatment of pathological skin processes by means of O2/O3 in low pressure conditions.
Ozone treatment in low pressure conditions is successfully used in fistula, decubitus, affections associated with roentgenotherapy.
Inflammatory diseases of female genital system including its lower organs (colpitis, endocervicitis, bacterial vaginosis etc.) are considered the most frequent pathologies of woman's body. The therapeutic approach we present here is intended for practical health service (gynecological and prenatal clinics or gynecological divisions of hospitals), is simple to perform and thus can be provided by any medical practitioner without a special training.
The new high-effective and safe approach in the treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic inflammatory female genital diseases has been developed thanks to a new Gynecological Accessory Set for intravaginal continuous-flow insufflations with O2/O3 gas mixtures. This method is safe, simple, clinically and economically effective.
For direct ozone gas applications in dental practice when ozone gas is delivered from the ozone generator through a hand piece on tooth or gam and residual ozone is removed through a foot switch port to a destructor for safety of treatment procedure.
The Medozons-Set is designed for:
  1. Rectal insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures;
  2. Transporting ozone/oxygen gas mixtures to the place where the treatment will be actually performed.
Designed for insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures & instillations of ozonated liquids. Made of ozone-resistant medical plastic. The catheters are elastic, transparent and convenient for use. Along with elasticity they are enough hard to be easily inserted into the body without causing any discomfort to the patient.
The use of catheters in combination with other accessories of Medozons series ensures maximum of efficiency and convenience of the treatment performed.
Major autohaemotherapy with ozone. One of the most effective methods of systemic action. During this procedure a certain quantity of the patient's blood is taken from the cubital vein, mixed with an ozone/oxygen gas mixture in a plastic hemacon or sterile bottle after physiological saline.
The received mixture containing active oxygen forms (ozonides) is intravenously re-infused to the patient through the same disposable system. Below is shown one variant of this procedure after Prof. S.P. Peretyagin, MD.
This method is based on much longer and gentle contact of ozone dissolved in physiological sodium chloride solution with the internal environment of the patient when ozone drop by drop, molecule by molecule is put into blood circulation and immediately reacts with blood components, so the whole blood quantity being in circulation comes in contact with ozone therefore producing much better and prolonged therapeutic effects.
Based on the use of considerably lower ozone concentrations as compared with the Western school of ozone therapy this method yields normalization of oxidoreduction potential of the organism.

In case of initial prooxidant shift characteristic of acute inflammatory diseases it activates the antioxidant defense system (AOD) therefore producing an anti-inflammatory effect...
Designed for saturation of water, solutions, oils with ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in standard glass or plastic bottles with a screwlid (for example, Coca-Cola or mineral water plastic bottles).
We are pleased to present the high-effective method of ozone therapy specifically designed for cosmetic purposes i.e. the so-called multi-injectory "non-surgical" ozone liposuction in the form of subcutaneous injections of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures in large volumes.
This method is used in the treatment of large body areas damaged by cellulite or local lipodystrophy being an integral part of anti-cellulite treatment programs.
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