Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
Equipment and Accessories for Modern High-Effective Technology of Ozone Therapy and Ozone prophylaxis
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Multi-Injector Non-Surgical Liposuction with the Ozone Therapy Device MEDOZONS® Beauty

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1. Purpose
The device MEDOZONS ® Beauty can be used in ozone therapy rooms of medical institutions of various profiles, but is particularly popular in medical centers that implement various anti-cellulite programs.
The device allows you to perform all procedures of local and systemic ozone therapy (more than 30), but its highlight is considered to be the procedure of multi-injector low-flow ozone administration in local lipodystrophy.
2. Design Features
When creating the device MEDOZONS ® Beauty, we have considered 15 years of successful experience in the operation of ozone therapy devices MEDOZONS ® BM-02 and MEDOZONS ® BM-03. In addition to the capabilities of these models, we have taught the MEDOZONS ® Beauty to smoothly change the ozone delivery rate to subcutaneous fat. In this way, one can choose the intensity of the procedure individually and increase the efficiency and comfort during the procedure.
3. Technical Data
4. The device provides
Touch screen
with an intuitively understandable interface in Russian and English allowing the operator to fully control the treatment process.
ozone concentration measurer.
Convenient work
in TASK mode – treatment procedures are combined into groups with preset parameters.
Treatment procedures
are timed; a convenient mnemonic diagram and text hints are displayed on the screen.
For the treatment procedure "Multi-Injector"
individual selection and control of the rate of subcutaneous ozone administration are provided.
5. Like all devices of Medozons series
Like all devices of Medozons series, the MEDOZONS ® Beauty is reliable, safe, easy-to-use, provides effective, safe and dose-dependent treatment, and comes complete with company accessories.
The Technique of Multi-Injector Non-Surgical Liposuction
1. Procedure performance
Carry out a warming massage of the problem area, treat with 70% alcohol.

Connect the "comb" with needles to the outlet nozzle of the MEDOZONS ® Beauty (Pic. 1, 3, 4). On the screen, select the "Multi-Injector" procedure. Set the ozone concentration and the "Intensity" parameter (for the first procedure, set the value to 50). Press "START". When the set ozone concentration is reached, open the faucet of the outlet nozzle.

Remove the protective caps from sterile needles, insert the needles subcutaneously at an angle of 30 degrees around the perimeter of the problem area at a distance of 7-10 cm from each other (Pic. 2). In the first 2-3 minutes of the procedure, the patient may feel a slight bursting of tissue at the needle injection site. If necessary, select the value of the "Intensity" parameter.
Pic. 1 MEDOZONS ® Beauty with the connected "comb"
Pic. 2 Introduction of ozone to the "breeches" zone
Pic. 3 "Comb", Order No. 103/01
Pic. 4 Needles G30 0.3x13, Order No. 101/02
After 3-5 minutes, at the injection site there is a slight hyperemia and tuberosity of the skin, subsequently it intensifies until the merger of separate areas.

The medical staff needs to constantly monitor the progress of the procedure and, when the areas of hyperemia and (or) tuberosity are merged, move the needles to areas not covered by hyperemia.

The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes, during this time 100-150 ml of ozone-oxygen gas mixture is introduced (the approximate coverage area is 4-7% of the body surface). To end the procedure, press the "STOP" button, close the faucet of the outlet nozzle. For uniform distribution of ozone in the subcutaneous fat, massage the problem area (manually or using an apparatus).

In one procedure, it is possible to introduce an ozone-oxygen gas mixture into several problem areas, for which, during the procedure, needles are moved (for example, from the right thigh to the left), while the total time of the procedure and the volume of injected ozone-oxygen gas mixture remain unchanged.

After the procedure, crepitus (crunching) can be observed, both in the places of direct injection of the ozone-oxygen gas mixture, and in remote areas of the body, which is not a complication, but only a consequence of a successful procedure. Crepitus can last up to 2 days.

The advantages of this method compared with the introduction of ozone by the single-syringe method:
  1. increase in efficiency by 15-30%;
  2. reduction of injuries of the skin due to a decrease in the number of injections by 6-10 times;
  3. more uniform distribution of ozone over the region of injections;
  4. absence of bruises and hematomas at the injection sites.
2. Contraindications, restrictions
Contraindications for the procedure:
bleeding disorder;
thyroid disease;
acute inflammatory diseases.

To avoid adverse effects during ozone therapy procedures, the following principles must be strictly followed:
with the local introduction of an ozone-oxygen gas mixture, the use of other medicines in the same place should be avoided;
at the beginning of the course of treatment, it is necessary to carry out a trial ozone therapy procedure, during which it is necessary to carefully monitor the patient.

Ozone therapy is combined with the use of any pharmaceutical preparations (except anticoagulants) and with any physiotherapy, but it is necessary to strictly follow the separate principle of the procedures.

The main causes of the few complications are the incorrect technique for administering an ozone-oxygen gas mixture and the wrong dosage.

Ozone therapy procedures can be carried out by both a doctor and nursing staff, but the first procedure should be performed in the presence of a doctor. The procedure should be stopped immediately at the slightest deterioration in the patient's condition.

During the procedure, it is necessary to use only standard equipment and accessories.

It is recommended to equip the treatment room with forced-air and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning or a window leaf fan to prevent the inhalation effect of ozone on the medical staff.
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