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Manufactured since 1999, this model includes the best features of its predecessors:



a completely automated operating system, reliability within the low and medium range of ozone concentrations, high accuracy in setting and maintaining the chosen ozone concentration & flow-rate, ability to produce 9950 graduations (values) of ozone concentration at step 1 mcg/L, absolute purity of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures delivered - a guarantee for safe, efficient and dose-related ozone therapy!
The most popular model of general practitioners!



Technical Data & Features


Technical Data & Features Value/availability
Principle of ozone generation: electric synthesis of ozone from oxygen in unbalanced low-temperature plasma of impulse barrier discharge of microsecond's duration by automatic pre-ionization - independently from the oxygen flow-rate or voltage!!!;
Ozone production stabilization time: max. 3 min to reach the adjusted ozone concentration
Thermoregulation: automatic

Range of delivered ozone concentrations:

50 … 10 000 mcg/L at a step of 1 mcg/L (9950 different ozone concentrations)

Accuracy in maintaining the chosen ozone concentration:

± 5%;
Ozone/oxygen flow rate: 0,25 L/min, 0,5 L/min, 1,0 L/min (automatically maintained)
Accuracy in maintaining the chosen ozone/oxygen flow-rate: ± 5%;
Treatment time range: 0 … 60 min at a step of 1 min;
A built-in count-down timer: available
A total operation time calculator: available
A built-in low-flow multi-injectory valve: available in MEDOZONS-BM-02 only
Durability of the ozonization chamber before scheduled prophylactic service: 2000 hrs of continuous operation (approx. 7000 infusions of ozonated saline or 40000 ozone injections)
Operating system: completely automated operating system based on the built-in microprocessor Intel; automatically blocking in case of any wrong actions of the user by indicating an error index on the display
Ozone/oxygen outlets: 2 continuous-flow ozone outlets in the side niches + 1 syringe filling port "DISPENSER" on the front panel
Safety features: equipped with the systems of inlet oxygen extra purification and prevention of solution leakage into the unit as well as with a remote destructor to ensure no inhalative exposure of ozone to the patient and medical personnel
Quality of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures delivered: no micro-contaminants in accordance with mass-spectrometry evidence
External option: can be connected to the PC via RS-232 cable
Required oxygen pressure: 0,3 to 1,5 bar (atm)
Electric data: 220+22V; 50Hz; 30 W, safety class "I", type "B"
Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 335 x 425mm
Weight: max. 8,5kg
Life-span: not less than 5000 hrs of continuous operation (approx. 10 years)
Required oxygen purity: 99,9% and higher
Warranty: 2 years
Compliance: approved by the Russian Ministry of Health, Russian Certification Institute according to GOST standards as well as Certification Notified Body TUEV Austria according to European standards (CE)
Customization: comes with Standard Accessory Packages (AP) according to medical specialty: Basic AP, Universal AP, Obstetric-Gynecological AP-1 (mini) and AP-2 (maxi), Surgical AP, Dermatovenereological AP, Cosmetological AP-1 and AP-2
Fields of medical application: internal medicine, surgery, urology, obstetrics & gynecology, neuropathology, infectious diseases, combustiology, dermatovenereology, ophthalmology, dentistry, cosmetology, traumatology, intensive care etc.