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Intended for local and systemic use, recommended by specialists of the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy for use in the field of:
Surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, cosmetology, obstetrics & gynecology, dentistry,venereal and infectious diseases, anesthesiology, reanimation, intensive care ...

The Medozons-System follows the best traditions of ozone therapy devices of Medozons series. Being able to produce guaranteed pure medical ozone and to dose it exactly, the Medozons-System absolutely complies with actual requirements for efficiency and safety of treatment, fullness of realized physician’s methods and user comfort!

Medical Ozone Generator for Cosmetology Medozons BM-02

1. Purpose

Medical ozone generator Medozons-BM-02 with a built-in low-flow multi-injectory unit is a modification of serial ozone machine MEDOZONS-BM. This modification allows performing both the “traditional” and new methods of ozone therapy, in particular subcutaneous injections of an ozone/oxygen gas ixture (in further the O2/O3 mixture) at considerable volumes. This method is used in the treatment of large body surfaces damaged by local lipodystrophy. Thanks to its high efficiency this method is also alled the multi-injectory “non-surgical” liposuction.


designed for local & systemic ozone applications as recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy for using in the field of:

surgery, internal medicine, urology, neurology, dermatology, cosmetology, obstetrics & gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry, venereal & infectious diseases, anesthesiology, reanimation, intensive care etc.


The New-Generation of Ozone Therapy Machines of MEDOZONS series is the result of scientific-technical inventions made by the leading physicists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Arzamas-16). Having complied with the up-to-date requirements for treatment efficiency and safety, the new devices allow covering an extremely wide range of methods for ozone therapy.


Medical Ozone Generators of MEDOZONS series are able to produce guaranteed pure medical ozone i.e. ozone/oxygen gas mixtures (valid through mass spectrometry evidence) and to dose it exactly, for technical and medical features they are the best ones within Russia and have no analogies world-wide!

Manufactured since 1999, this model includes the best features of its predecessors:



a completely automated operating system, reliability within the low and medium range of ozone concentrations, high accuracy in setting and maintaining the chosen ozone concentration & flow-rate, ability to produce 9950 graduations (values) of ozone concentration at step 1 mcg/L, absolute purity of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures delivered - a guarantee for safe, efficient and dose-related ozone therapy!
The most popular model of general practitioners!