Comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the EAEU Customs Union “On the Safety of Perfumery and Cosmetic Products (TR CU 009/2011).

Cosmetic Ozonized Olive Oil


We are pleased to introduce our therapeutic cosmetics of O'THREE line produced of natural pharmacopoeia olive oil enriched with ozonides (active oxygen forms).


Thanks to unique properties of ozonides, the therapeutic cosmetic of O'THREE line is an efficient remedy to preserve and restore the natural beauty and health of skin. The cosmetics does not only mask defects of skin, but normalizes its natural functions and stimulates its own work, allows to restore barrier, immune, water-retaining, reparative and separative functions of skin as well as improve its structure.


Besides, the therapeutic cosmetics of O'THREE line can be successfully included into the treatment program for a wide range of dermatological, surgical, gynecological, dental and other diseases.

Ozonized Olive Oil Gold Medal



O'THREE-superOzonide has peroxide value 20% (in % to released iodine by method of iodometric titration) or not less 12000 mg O2/kg (by Sully method), acidic value not less 80 mg KOH/g. Owing to higher peroxide and acidic number, the given remedy has a better-manifested anti-inflammatory effect and excellent bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties.


O'THREE-Ozonide has peroxide value 10% or not less 6000 mg O2/kg and acidic value not more 50 mg KOH/g, therefore all the above-mentioned properties are manifested by this product “milder”, but this is an excellent remedy to stimulate reparative processes.


Indications for cosmetic use of O'THREE products:


O'THREE-superOzonide: treatment of cellulites, acne rush, spots, ironing of fine wrinkles.


O'THREE-Ozonide: improvement of hair and eyelash structure, care and treatment of dry skin, cosmetic care for skin affected by atopic dermatitis.


General recommendations on medical use of O'THREE products:


For fast elimination of inflammatory processes it is recommended to use O'THREE-superOzonide with more powerful bactericidal, virucidalzonide with more powerful bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. It is also indicated for treatment of fungal diseases and other pathological processes on intact skin areas. Applications of oil for treatment of onychomycosis should be done for a longer time (2-3 months).
In case of delicate (most sensitive) skin, applications on damaged areas and mucosa as well as for stimulation of reparative processes it is recommended to use O'THREE-Ozonide with lower peroxide number.


Indications for medical use of O'THREE products:


Herpes, pointed condylomas, eczemas, atopic dermatitis, pyodermas, candidosis, fungal diseases of skin and nails, furunculosis, balanoposthitis, colpitis, vulvar kraurosis, urethritis and prostatitis, wounds (including badly healing ones), decubitis, trophic ulcers, burns, hemorrhoid, anal fissures, fissures of nipples, foot, stomatitis, gingivitis, conjunctivitis, acute inflammatory diseases of ear, throat, nose etc.


Application form:


Apply a thin layer of oil on damaged body areas 1 - 4 times a day.




For daily use store in a cool, dark place; for lengthy storage - in a fridge. The oil thickened at low temperature can be defrosted in warm (up to 40o C) water. Shelf-life in a fridge - 2 years.