The Multipurpose Pumping Unit MEDOZONS-UPM is designed to create vacuum or overpressure -0,7 bar\+1,9 bar for local ozone treatments incl. vacuum massage with ozonized olive oil as well as for removal of residual ozone from a treatment area to a destructor to ensure no inhalative exposure of ozone to both the patient and medical practitioner.


The MEDOZONS-UPM allowing the use of many high-effective methods of ozone therapy as well as improving the efficiency and safety of ozone therapy is recommended for use practically in each field of medicine.



Technical Data & Features


Power supply 220V; 50Hz
Power consumption 15W
Weight max. 2,5kg
Dimensions 220 x 130 x 100mm


0 … 1,9 bar


0 … - 0,68 bar
Capacity (flow-rate) 0 … 5,2 L/min
Adjustable range 1 : 100
Durability within the ozone concentration range up to 100 mcg/L not less than 2000 hrs
Sound average not more than 40 db
Material of a built-in vacuum pump membrane ozone-resistant


The Medozons UPM can be used in combination with the accessories as mentioned below:

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