The Medozons-Set is designed for:


1. Rectal insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures;
2. Transporting ozone/oxygen gas mixtures to the place where the treatment will be actually performed.



1. O2/O3-collecting dosage bag 1000 ml
2. Tube for obtaining O2/O3 mixture from the ozone generator
3. Luer-cannula with a protection cap
4. Reverse valve
5. Draining faucet
6. Syringe filling adapter / connection adapter
7. Connection tubing
8. Rectal catheter

As demonstrated above the Medozons-Set is ready for use.


All connections of the Medozons-Set should be made according to the schema "Luer-Luer". With assistance of the Medozons-Set you can perform a treatment high-effectively and convenient for the patient. The Medozons-Set eliminates any risk of intestine ischemia during rectal insufflations!


Additional Information


The Medozons-Set can be also used as a container for transporting ozone/oxygen gas mixtures from the area where the ozone generator is located to another place where the ozone/oxygen mixture will be actually used. In this case, to perform acupuncture therapy, major or minor autohaemotherapy, subcutaneous and intra-articular ozone injections, an ozone/oxygen gas mixture is taken into a syringe via the adapter (6).


Ordering information

Quantity recommended

Multipurpose treatment set Medozons-Set



Catheter, disposable, d = 6mm, l = 200mm (10 pcs./1 pack)




How to take an O2/O3 Gas Mixture from the Ozone Generator into a Dosage Bag

Set the mode "WORK" on the ozone generator; remove an ozone/oxygen gas mixture with intermediate ozone concentration to a destructor (through the side O3 outlet).

  • Assemble the construction.

  • Take out a protection cap of the tube for obtaining O2/O3 from the ozone generator. Take a gas mixture from the ozone generator through the syringe filling port on the front panel, ozone concentration and delivery time in seconds will be indicating on the display.

  • The volume of gas mixture delivered is equivalent to the multiplication result of the given flow-rate and delivery time.

How to take an O2/O3 Gas Mixture from the Dosage Bag into a Syringe