Inflammatory diseases of female genital system including its lower organs (colpitis, endocervicitis, bacterial vaginosis etc) are considered the most frequent pathologies of woman's body. The therapeutic approach we present here is intended for practical health service (gynecological and prenatal clinics or gynecological divisions of hospitals), is simple to perform and thus can be provided by any medical practitioner without special training.


In the above-mentioned cases orthodox medicine can offer only treatment with antibiotics and antiseptic solutions which are insufficiently effective and often induce considerable side-effects or adverse reactions (aggravating disturbances of vaginal microbiocenosis, allergic reactions).


After all, the antibiotics should not be used within a period of early pregnancy when the women of risk group related to intrauterine infection particularly need intravaginal cleansing irrigations. Besides, the actual microflora is resistant to most of the available antibiotics, thus there is a need for a new approach in the treatment of colpitis and bacterial vaginosis.


The new high-effective and safe approach in the treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic inflammatory female genital diseases has been developed thanks to new Gynecological Accessory Set for intravaginal continuous-flow insufflations with O2/O3 gas mixtures. This method is safe, simple, clinically and economically effective.


Functional schema of intravaginal continuous-flow insufflations with O2/O3 gas mixtures:



  1. Medical ozone generator of Medozons series i.e. Medozons-BM

  2. Vaginal speculum of Kusko type (Order-No. 21\01) in construction with an intravaginal tip (Order-No. 25\01) and a disposable vaginal catheter (Order-No. 26\06)

  3. Multipurpose Pumping Unit MEDOZONS-UPM (Order-No. 12\01)

  4. Destructor for residual Î2/Î3 gas mixture (comes within the Basic AP)


The Gynecological Accessory Set for intravaginal continuous-flow insufflations with O2/O3 gas mixtures can be successfully used with each model of Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series!

The new method of treatment in gynecology&obsterics  (Format: Doc, Size: 90Kb)

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