Each model of Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series is available as complete with necessary accessories for the most popular methods of ozone therapy as recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy. All accessories of Medozons series are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and absolute safety of ozone treatments. We use only ozone-resistant materials (PVC, fluoride plastic, viton, quartz glass) to produce components which are directly exposed to ozone.


  • Frame-Chambers for External Ozone Therapy & Hydromassage with O2/O3 Gas Mixtures

  • Gynecological Accessory Set for Intravaginal Continuous-Flow Insufflations with O2/O3 Gas Mixtures

  • Dental Attachment for Safe Intra-Oral Use of O2/O3 Gas Mixtures (New!)

  • Multipurpose Treatment Set "Medozons-Set" for Rectal Ozone Insufflations & Other Purposes

  • Catheters for Different Purposes

  • Accessory Set for Major AHT with Ozone as Recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy

  • Accessory Set for Ozonated Saline Intravenous Infusions (Drips) - the Priority of the Russian Technology

  • Accessory Set for Ozonization of Water, Solutions, Oils

  • Accessory Set for Cosmetic Purposes i.e. Multi-Injectory Non-Surgical Ozone Liposuction

  • Standard Accessory Packages (AP) Customized According to Medical Specialty