The Medozons-Set is designed for:


1. Rectal insufflations of ozone/oxygen gas mixtures;
2. Transporting ozone/oxygen gas mixtures to the place where the treatment will be actually performed.


We are pleased to offer dentists all what they need in order to use ozone easily and safely in the oral cavity.

We developed a Dental Ozone System based on the Medozons-BM generator combined with the Controller Module CM-SV.

This Dental Ozone System enables the dentist to provide any type of ozone therapy efficiently and safely.


Inflammatory diseases of female genital system including its lower organs (colpitis, endocervicitis, bacterial vaginosis etc) are considered the most frequent pathologies of woman's body. The therapeutic approach we present here is intended for practical health service (gynecological and prenatal clinics or gynecological divisions of hospitals), is simple to perform and thus can be provided by any medical practitioner without special training.


In the above-mentioned cases orthodox medicine can offer only treatment with antibiotics and antiseptic solutions which are insufficiently effective and often induce considerable side-effects or adverse reactions (aggravating disturbances of vaginal microbiocenosis, allergic reactions).

Ozone/oxygen gas irrigation by means of special frame-chambers is one of the most popular methods of external ozone therapy widely used in surgery, combustiology, dermatology, cosmetology, resort treatment, physical therapy etc.


The frequent use of this method is explained by high efficiency of gaseous ozone in the treatment of infected wounds, burns, dermatomycosis, moist eczema, trophic ulcer, arterial and venous diseases, decubitis, badly healing wounds, arthrous affections (arthritis, arthrosis), affections of the limbs associated with systemic diseases (rheumatism, uratosis).

Each model of Medical Ozone Generators of Medozons series is available as complete with necessary accessories for the most popular methods of ozone therapy as recommended by the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy. All accessories of Medozons series are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and absolute safety of ozone treatments. We use only ozone-resistant materials (PVC, fluoride plastic, viton, quartz glass) to produce components which are directly exposed to ozone.