Having based on more than 25 years experience the benefits of the Russian technology of ozone therapy can be summarized as follows:

  • Ozone therapy has a 100% clinical efficiency in treating bacterially and virally produced diseases thanks to its strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties; diseases associated with hypoxia symptoms thanks to its beneficial effect on the transport and release of oxygen through the tissues and oxygen-dependent processes; circulatory disorders thanks to its stimulating effect on blood circulation; inflammatory processes thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect; immunodeficient conditions thanks to its immunostimulating and immunomodulating effect; badly healing wounds due to its rapid and effective wound healing properties etc.

  • The control over diabetes mellitus for 6 months after the course of ozone therapy (the need for insulin is reduced twice) provides a better quality of life to diabetics and reduces their hospital stay and drug consumption. In case of diabetic complications like "diabetic foot" ozone therapy prevents scheduled amputation or reduces amputation size/volume.

  • Ozone therapy can help many people suffering from cancer, AIDS, HIV-infection and other diseases considered as incurable. Although ozone therapy cannot be considered as a 100% approved medicine for cancer, it has been experimentally and clinically established that ozone therapy produces an anti-tumor effect. Particularly when used at an early stage of oncogenesis ozone therapy in the form of direct intra-tumor ozone injections as well as the parenteral use of ozonated blood or ozonated saline can lead to complete resorption of tumor. For inoperable or already operated cancer patients treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy ozone therapy can be beneficial as an adjuvant method for detoxication, immunocorrection and improvement of the general status. Ozone therapy can help to reduce by half the prescribed dose of chemotherapeutics as well as considerably reduce the known side-effects due to chemotherapy and other anti-tumor medicines. Owing to its immunomodulating and immunostimulating effects, ozone therapy can at least improve the life quality of cancer patients and considerably prolong their life even if complete cure of cancer is impossible. The same is about the AIDS patients, ozone therapy acting as a powerful immunostimulator helps them to return to normal life for a longer time.

  • Ozone therapy represents a genuine alternative to orthodox medicine, particular in medical conditions where orthodox medicine does not offer an effective treatment, for example when the microflora is resistant to available antibiotics.

  • Ozone therapy is able to increase sensitivity of the organism's microflora to antibiotics and potentiate the effect of traditional medicines when used as a complementary method of treatment.

  • As compared with orthodox medicine, ozone therapy achieves better results within a shorter time without causing any adaptation or resistance of the human body to this kind of therapy and without inducing any side effects, adverse reactions or complications.

  • Ozone therapy can eliminate side effects due to some medicinal treatment like chemotherapy.

  • As compared with orthodox medicine, ozone therapy produces a more stable effect in chronic patients without causing any recidivations for a longer time.

  • Ozone therapy can be used in the period of early pregnancy in women of risk group related to intrauterine infection when the use of antibiotics is not allowed.

  • Ozone therapy can be successfully used in the treatment of many obstetric complications for the benefit of both mother and baby.

  • Ozone therapy has no age restrictions and can be safely and efficiently used from newborn children to elderly patients ...