Intended for local and systemic use, recommended by specialists of the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy for use in the field of:
Surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, cosmetology, obstetrics & gynecology, dentistry,venereal and infectious diseases, anesthesiology, reanimation, intensive care ...

The Medozons-System follows the best traditions of ozone therapy devices of Medozons series. Being able to produce guaranteed pure medical ozone and to dose it exactly, the Medozons-System absolutely complies with actual requirements for efficiency and safety of treatment, fullness of realized physician’s methods and user comfort!


The Medozons-System is reliable and safe:

  • Ensures an efficient, safe and dose-dependent treatment;

  • Enables to use medical ozone by analogy with generally accepted directions for use of pharmacological products;

  • Most fully completed with original accessories;

  • Guarantees high accuracy in maintaining the given ozone concentration;

  • Guarantees purity of delivered ozone/oxygen gas mixtures (contaminant-free). 


The Medozons-System is convenient to work with since we have considered everything (or almost everything):

  • Completely automated device work;

  • A built-in measurer of ozone concentration;

  • Touch screen with intuitively understandable interface, easy to use like a smartphone;

  • Full defense from wrong actions of a user;

  • Enables to realize the Russian and Western (German by origin) technologies of ozone therapy;

  • Detailed medical and technical instructions;

  • Training on request;

  • Perfect after-sale service;


Ozone therapy device Medozons-system




Technical data:


Range of ozone concentrations, mg/L  0,1 ... 80
 Accuracy in maintaining the given ozone concentration  +\- 5%
 Ozone/oxygen flow-rate, L/min  0,4 ... 1
 Voltage, frequency  220 V, 50 Hz
 Power consumption, W  130
 Weight, kg  10
 Dimensions, mm

 355 x 290 x 170



Touch screen with intuitively understandable interface allows a user to fully control the process of treatment by giving operational information about the treatment process any time.



The Medozons-System can be customized with different Accessory Packages to the following Ozone Therapy Equipment Sets:


Description according to the price list
 00\03-01 Of basic configuration
 00\03-02 Of general profile
 00\03-04 For surgery